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so i know i need to change out the coolant and clean the radiator, change oil, should i change the fluid in the forks(?), what else should i change? this bike has been stored for a year. what are some other things that i should do, like normal things you do to your bike after removing it from storage and preparing it for a riding season?

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Oil, gas, carb drain and clean if necessary. Brake/clutch fluid is relatively easy and should probably be done. Check brake pads. Inspect tires for dry rot, cracking, flat spots, or leaks. Coolant's not a bad idea. Check the spark plugs and lube the cylinder bores before cranking the engine.

Fork oil if you have the time, sure, but it's probably not crucial.
you forgot the cursing and kicking... that's pretty standard when taking a bike outta storage... *grin*
Upgrade to synthetic blinker fluid, and repack the muffler bearings with moly-graphite grease.
Ok, seriously. When spring would come and it was time to bring The Leper back to life, I'd do the following:
  • Charge the battery
  • Drain the float bowls
  • Add some new gas to the tank and slosh it around a bit
  • Crank the fucker until it'd start

Worked for years. Even after I swapped the engine. Indeed, that's pretty much what I still do when taking bikes out of storage. Oh, and after the first tank of gas, I'd pour in a bottle (whole thing) of Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner.

It's riding season. Get out and ride. Do all that forky stuff in the winter time. Especially since if you're going to do the fork oil, you should also replaced the seals and bushings, and swap in some Progressive springs. Which sounds pretty straight forward, but is at least a three "MOTHERFUCKER!" job.

Speaking of forks, in the short term, put the bike on its center-stand, jack the front up until the forks are fully extended, then press down on the needle in the little bicycle valve on top of the forks to let the air pressure in the forks equalized with the atmosphere. Do NOT add any additional pressure--that'll just blow out the seals that much faster. (Magnas have those silly "air-adjustable" forks too, right?)
The manual will have a list of things that should be checked at a regular interval. There will be mileage and time intervals which should be followed.

The basics:
  • Engine Oil
  • Fork Oil
  • Brake/clutch hydraulic Oil
  • Coolant
  • Gas in the carbs should have been drained prior to storing, and sta-bil should have been added to the tank. If not it should be drained and mixed with good gas in your cage where it will burn just fine
  • Check wheel/steering/swingarm bearings for play and make sure they are greased
  • Condition the O-rings on the chain before you take it out and heat them up since they are dry/dry/dry
  • Check the condition of the tires and their pressures
  • Check all cables for binding/fraying and lube them if they need it
  • Charge battery fully before starting and then check at the battery to test that the charging system is operating (battery needs to be fully charged for this test so if you cranked it down starting it then you will have to recharge it or wait until you have ridden it enough to get the battery topped back up
  • Test all lights/blinkers/brakelights/horn
  • Inspect frame for obvious signs of paint cracking at/near steering head, motor mounts, subframe connections, and swingarm mount and any other welds
  • And last but not least, perform a TCLOCK test before heading out the first time even if it is around the block

This should cover most of the things in your maintenance manual but you should still always reference it for any model-specific issues.
God but you take the fun out of everything. Yet another LJ Group struck from my list.

xdavinx, feel free to email me at this same username at hotmail.com
Was that a flounce Mike? It looked like one -only lamer.
New battery (or charge the old one), oil change, vacuum the mouse nest out of the airbox and put a new air filter in (or, if it's captured foam, new foam), new spark plugs.

Don't worry about the fork oil 'til you know she's a runner.