ProfDecoy (profdecoy) wrote in bike_shop,

Reputable Repair shops in North-Central MA?

Yesterday my insurance company finally came to check out the damage to my bike.  So now I need to start thinking about a place to get it fixed.

I haven't checked the yellow pages thoroughly yet, but it doesn't seem that there's very many places near by to get the repairs done.

I wouldn't mind doing the wrench work myself.  Just that I wouldn't know where to properly dispose of all the bits needing replaced.  Plus I doubt that my insurance company would be all that amicable to me doing the work myself anyway (haven't asked yet).

Central Mass Power Sports is probably the closest Honda dealer to me.  However, I don't recall ever hearing anything good about them while I was stationed out of state.  Does anyone know if they've gotten any better since moving to their new location?

Thanks in advance.

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Insurance company can't tell you who to take have repair it... you can have ANYONE repair it, or do it yourself...

Any bits which require disposal, you can prolly sell as scrap metal for a nickel or two, or make into yard art, throw in the dumpster, or recycle it.. (obviously, recycling or scrap sale are the BEST ways to go if they are available... saves on natural resources and all... )
Hmm, guess I'll need to find a scrapmetal dealer near by then. I'd like to do the work myself. It's just a matter of figuring out how to get the insurance company to pay me what they would a normal bike shop.

Though, I foresee an issue if I find something else broken on the bike that wasn't noted by the appraiser. But with my luck, MA has some weird insurance law that requires insurance repairs to be done by a licensed mechanic.
Find out the going rate for motorcycle mechanics in your area...

if you can find one that'll give you a quote for the damage to the bike, that would do you best... take that quote to the insurance company and say, "This is how much the damage is worth. This is the amount for which I need a check written to me."