Matthew (fourgotten) wrote in bike_shop,

Troubleshooting step 3: Does it have gas?

Went out to test-ride a buddies '82 XJ750J (Maxim) last night.

We got her out and kicked her over and she started but very quickly stuttered out and wouldn't start again. I looked into the tank and could see fuel sloshing around down there (way down there, but still down there).

We rolled 'er over to the front of the shop and I got my jumper cables out to get 'er hooked up and started and then he got 'er running.

I got 'er to go about 100 feet and then she died.

Rolled 'er around to the shop again and he started working on getting 'er running. I looked down the left side of the bike and noted the fuel filter. The empty fuel filter. Turned the petcock to "PRI" and noted no change.

"Are you SURE that there's fuel in this bike?"
"Yeah. Look! You can see a bubble in the fuel filter."

You COULD see a bubble in the fuel filter... but it was a bubble in the thin ring of fuel at the point where the filter was sealed. Oops.

Half a gallon (and some clutch adjustment) later and she was zooming around...

Now we just need to get 'er titled, re-do the front brakes and she'll be ready to sell!!!!

Speaking of which... anyone need a project bike or 10?
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