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1983 honda magna saga continues...

so i have been working on the bike since i got it two weeks ago here and there. changed fluids, plugs, battery, cleaned gas tank. went to start. it cranks, but won't turn over. OKAY. pull a plug and do the old fashioned spark test, no spark. have power to the coils, but nothing coming out. did an ohm check on the pulse generator, have 483 ohms out of one connection but nothing out of the other. the book says you need average 483 ohm from each connection, and if you don't you have to replace the pulse generator. the cheapest i could find was $82. if this doesn't get it going, i am also taking the coils in to get tested for $10 each. the test is a lot cheaper to replacing them without knowing, since each coil is $100.

once i order and receive the pulse generator i will have to remove the clutch cover and get my first look inside.
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