Motorcycle Muffin (motomuffin) wrote in bike_shop,
Motorcycle Muffin

Need a Clue

Who has some clues for me about cracking a transmission?

The bolts are out. It has a couple of locating pins.

I cannot split the case halves. They're apart enough to weep some gearbox oil, but they really don't want to come apart any more. Part of my brain really (REALLY) wants to stick a flathead screwdriver in there and twist... but I've been at this whole wrenching thing long enough to know how (VERY) bad of an idea that is. I'm currently having at it with a rubber mallet... but wow, there's got to be a better way...

What's the Special Tool I'm lacking?
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I'd use the mallet on alternating sides, and use a piece of 2x4 target a few blows to spots that are less easily accessible with the mallet.
In addition to the previous advice, I would search VERY THOROUGHLY for any screw, bolt, nut or other fastener that you may have overlooked.

Not that I would know from personal experience or anything, but sometimes, it's just that one little fastener that got overlooked when removing the rest which keeps the box together. Like I said, though... no personal experience... especially not with an AR80 transmission... yeah...
+1 on the screw advice, also some engine cases have 'tab' like protrusions that allow you separate the cases by hitting them with a drift (although I'd still use a piece of wood rather than a metal drift).
Buy, beg, borrow or steal a case splitter. If that fails use a propane torch and apply heat to one half around the main bearing. Don't apply too much heat, just enough to make drops of water sizzle to steam on contact. After heating the case half, use your rubber mallet to tap on the end of the crank shaft.