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Z440 carb update

Just a quick update from my earlier posting. Thanks to some wonderful commenters, I was able to not only get those two screws off the top of the carbs, but got those stuck-solid pilot jets out too!

The lower right hand one cut easily enough and came out nicely. The upper left hand though had to be ground off via dremel as slotting it didn't work, a bit too rusted. It would just break apart whenever I took any sort of screwdriver or flathead to it The remains are atop of the cover there in the middle.

and look! The pilot jets are gone too! Needlenose pliers and PB blaster weren't doing the trick and I had been given two options by my husband. Easy-outs, or buy new carbs. Me, being too bull headed to let a pair of stubborn jets get in my way, decided to try for the easy-out method. I slipped to the auto parts store and snagged an easy out bit and a drill bit matching the size needed and headed home. A moment of careful drilling, a couple minutes to let the jets marinate in some PB blaster, I held my breath and let the easy-out bit do its job. Both jets broke off but thankfully all I had to do was pull up gently as I was pulling the drill trigger and the rest of the parts came out.

Course I'm dancing like a pathetic girl would over a simple acheivement, but I'm rather proud of myself haha. Once my gaskets and new jets arrive, my carburetor will be like new. All clean, shining, and smooth operating. Gunna see if we can't take off the engine in a bit and give it a nice go through. I believe I remember someone elsewhere mentioning seafoam so I may run that through but until then, it's destributor cap off, spark plugs out,  a few drops of fresh oil in and crank it a couple times. Thanks guys for the tips, they've been absolutely wonderful so far!
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Right on!

Be careful with those Easy-Outs. I have had a couple break on me. The worst was when one broke off inside a frozen bolt inside a cylinder head; the Easy-Outs are hardened material and are very difficult to remove through drilling. In fact, I burnt through two tungsten-carbide drill bits (not just drilled until they were dull, but drilled until they were dull, resharpened, redrilled, resharpened. . . until there was no more flute left) trying to extract the damn Easy-Out. (The solution was to take the offending bit to a buddy who had a TIG welder; he welded a stem on the back of the broken fastener and the whole thing came out pretty easily, with even the threads intact.)

You are going to do a complete carb rebuild, right? Pull out the mains and soak/clean them (not with a wire brush, of course), clean the float chamber, inspect the float and float needle, etc.? It's impossible for the carburetor to be TOO clean. Any bits of crud can easily be sucked into a and stuck in a jet, and then that'll just ruin your day. Also don't forget you'll want a manometer to balance the two when you're done!

This makes me kind of want to pick up another project bike, even though the two I did last year took me quite a while (one took a solid seven months of weekend work or work whenever I had the time, the other took three or four)! Keep posting here, too!

Actually, the pilots were the last thigns to do excitingly enough :) Eveything has been cleaned, all I'm waiting upon now is my gaskets and new jest to arrive and I'm going to clean the old pilot grindings out and finish 'er up.

Now when you say balance the floats, that's the only part I'm not entirely sure how to do. I have a repair manual coming here soon so I eagerly await that, but in the meantime, how would you suggest doing so?

Ouch on that easy out! I'd been warned to be careful with them so I made sure to only work them as much as I dared, thankfully it was enough. too many horror stories told to me about those bits breaking! Glad you were able to get them out.

I'm hoping this won't take too long. I have a new headlight coming as well as hopefully an ignition, gas tank lock, and keys (my bike lacked the ignition and keys, had to pop the tank lock and got that off). Next large project once I finish the carbs is adding fluid to the engine, hooking the boke to a battery, and making sure the engine cranks(after the tank is cleaned, relined, and filled with a little clean gas of course haha. After that if's off goes the main manifolds to make sure everything is good inside. Me personally I want to do the manifolds prior to cranking it but my husband wants to see if it actually works before going through the whole thing and wasting possible time/money when a new engine may be needed. Either way, I will most certainly keep y'all updated on the progress!