sharpecostumes (sharpecostumes) wrote in bike_shop,

Just getting better

Was super excited when my ignition switch, key, and gas cap arrived today for my KZ440 but that excitement vanished rather quickly.

The gas cap lock will do just beautifully, but my irritation turns to the ignition cylinder and key. I first noticed the key. Bent in the middle at a 45 degree angle (me being stupid, I failed to get a picture of this before straightenign it, but the signs are still visible)

It was bent just before the teeth and seems to have an ever slight twist. Now if my memory serves properly (and it doesn't always), the ignition key doubles as the gas cap key, yes? It functions well in the cap, but when I placed it into the ignition switch, this happened...

The cylinder sunk into its housing a little and won't turn. The key goes into it fine, no trouble now that I've straightened it, but I'm thinking the slight bend and twist upon the key is preventing this from turning? Either way though, I'm a little concerned the cylinder sinking in like that.

On an exciting note though, I have my new headlight (and bucket/bolts on their way) as well as my manual (seen above underneath the parts) as well as a new clutch case, primary main jets, new screws for the top of my carbs, and new bleed tubes on their way here. :D

On the side though, if anyone is a locksmith or has had a similar experience with what i've shown above with the key and ignition cylinder, any thoughts? I've contacted the seller to see what we can do to resolve this as that key damage was not in the description (main reason why I bid was they were offering the ignition, the lock, and keys for $35 total) so I will keep y'all up to date on that. As soon as the bucket and screws arrive for my headlight, we're going to install all electrical parts (minus front blinkers) and start swappin' out the broken for the new.
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